making barcodes sexy

we´re having a packaging design project, I decided to make one for coffee, seems like one need a can to have the coffee in when you buy it, or keep the bag locked in some kind of way. We also need to have the environment issues in mind while designing it. So I’m making a series of coffee in a tin-box, with a refill bag, and environmental friendly filters. Anyways, I’ve been bitching since day #1 about barcodes. They’re ugly. I hate them. Then lovely Anita showed me a page of fully functioning designed barcodes – and so, I made one myself! To implement it, and make it part of my design of the packaging. So here’s the first try, some adjustments are still to be made to it, but hey. Nice first try! 😉 Thank you Anita! ❤

So, ’cause of the stupid easter vacation, I’m still waiting for the stores to open, so that I can get a hold of the kind of paper I want for my stuff. Also, I’m scraping of the colored film on a tin can I have. The lid took me about 1.5 hours, so the rest’ll probably take.. I don’t know. A day? hehe. Anyways, if everything turns out the way I want it to – it’ll be kick ass 😉

Beer under the night-sky, with Brandi Carlile playing in the background, philosophize over life, and trying to get a clue about who I am, and why. I’m weird. I’m a looney – but I’m finally OK with it;)


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