Package design

We had a package design project at school where we were to make a new esthetic, environmental friendly, and practical packaging for an already existing product. I chose coffee, and chose to make my own brand, «ReaL Kaffe». Since we have our own trashcans marked for paper in Norway, it’s easy to recycle, so I made sure I had already recycled paper, and it’s easy to recycle it again – whereof the print was waterbased, so it wouldn’t hurt the environment when recycling it again. I chose to put the focus on re-using. Therefor I made a tinbox (No, I sure as hell didn’t MAKE the tinbox, but I sure did scrape of all the colorfilm on it to make it shiny 😉 ) , with a refill bag. So here it is;


Om ascandinaviandesign

//Graphic, Visual Communication Designer// //Brisbane, Australia//Stavanger, Norway//
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